Ron Paul Presumes to Lecture Bernanke On Monetary Policy


Apparently there were too many wrong notions in Ron Paul's lecture for Bernanke to unpack in any reasonable amount of time, so he mostly ignores him.  Rather than be dismissive of Ron Paul, I am going to address some of his economic views on this blog and why they are wrong.  Ron Paul has some interesting views on economic policy that resonant with a lot of voters.  Ron Paul's view that the weak dollar is bad for America is addressed in this post below.


Bill Linstrom

December 4, 2007 at 5:18 PM

I had a good laugh at Mankew’s expense. I especially liked the one about people being motivated by things that motivate them.

It seems a curious coincidence that the media is so negative about the economy and the upcoming election. It is hard for me to believe, however, that there is a grand conspiracy to oust the sitting president in that way. People just aren’t that cooperative, especially over a long period of time. Thus, if there is a scheme, the media struck too early. It will have unwound by next summer. That leaves the fact that bad news gets better ratings.

At this point another curiosity comes to mind. I’m listening to Keith Moore’s teaching on “saying”. That is, you get in the physical realm what you say in the spiritual realm. With so many people “saying” that the economy is bad, I’m wondering if it will in fact be bad. Is this a case where media incentives are at odds with spiritual law?

Thanks for the post, I really like it.